Steven Jong for STC Director at Large

Steven Jong for STC Director at Large


Steve addressing STC Summit, 2011

Update, 8 January:

Happy New Year! My petition is now closed and submitted. Thank you so much for your support!

Update, 26 December:

Happy Boxing Day! My petition is due in less than two weeks., so please sign today! Someone asked about the donation page that comes up after you sign my petition. I'm not asking for money and not receiving any. The request is just for iPetitions and is completely voluntary.

Update, 14 December:

A few people reported that the petition didn't let you leave your STC membership ID blank. I have fixed this, but you can get your membership number by logging in to and going to your member profile (click on your name in the menu bar).

Update, 10 December:

Thank you to those who have signed so far! I truly appreciate your support. A few things: I've added an endorsements page. You can get your STC member number from your profile on, and including it helps the office verify your membership, but it's optional, so if you're a current member but can't find your number, please sign anyway. I've been told that doesn't seem to support the Chrome browser, but Firefox and Safari work correctly. Finally, displaying your name on the petition page is optional.

6 December 2016

If you are a current STC member, I have a personal favor to ask you. I ask you to sign my nomination petition to appear on the ballot as a candidate for Director at Large of the Society in the upcoming Board election. As specified in Article VIII, Section 2, Part D of the STC bylaws, I must collect some 600 member signatures in the next month to get on the ballot.
Why do I need to take this route? Well, I was vetted by the STC Nominating Committee, but not selected for the preliminary slate. My qualifications? I’ve previously served as an STC Director at Large and chairman of the Society’s first Certification Commission. I’m a 40-year practitioner, a 30-year member, an Associate Fellow, a past chapter president, and a President’s Award winner for my dedication and leadership. I have managed doc groups and led multiple non-profits. I have experience, and also a unique perspective as someone who understands STC both from top to bottom and from inside and out, and who can help effect the changes we need to survive and thrive.

Signing the petition does not commit you to voting for me in the election, but it does support my opportunity to serve you by letting me appear on the ballot. If I am so honored, I will campaign as a regular candidate. But I pledge to you that I’ll work as hard for STC this time as I have in my past roles—and as hard as I’m working right now to get that chance.
If you’re a current member, please sign the petition. For more details on how I propose to serve if elected, go here.
Finally, whether you’re a current member or not, you can help me reach my signature goal by forwarding this petition URL to your own network of contacts:

Thank you so much for your consideration and your help!

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