What has Steve been up to?

Here’s a list of blog changes as well as events in my professional and personal life. Because this page originated to record blog changes and expanded to self-promotion during my campaigns for STC office, the listed events start in 2009 and are weighted towards STC.

In real life I have more going on, but I have to admit that it’s unremarkable.

December 2022
I retired. (Yes, it’s possible to win the rat race!)

November 2022
I presented “What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?” as the STC New England monthly program.

October 2022
I was the conference manager for InterChange 2022, the regional conference of the STC New England Chapter, held virtually. I also presented a session: “What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?”

December 2020
I became a full-time employee of Hitachi Vantara in Waltham, Massachusetts, documenting object storage and Big Data applications.

November 2020
My term as STC New England president ended and I became Immediate Past President of the chapter. Also, I restarted my website as a WordPress blog.

September 2020
I presented a session this month to the Boston DITA Users Group: “Structuring Information Before DITA.”

April 2020
I was the conference manager for InterChange 2020, the regional conference of the STC New England Chapter. We shifted the conference to a virtual format because of the covid pandemic.

December 2019
My article “A Framework for Thinking about Documentation Quality” (the lead article for the issue!) was published in STC’s Intercom magazine.

September 2019
I started a third term as STC New England president (a first, I believe, for the chapter).

April 2019
I presented at CONDUIT 2019, the regional conference of the STC Philadelphia Metro chapter: “Writing and Working Across the Generations.”

December 2018
I began work as a contract technical writer at Hitachi Vantara in Waltham, Massachusetts.

September 2018
I was laid off by Oracle.

September 2018
I started a second term as STC New England president.

May 2018
I ended my service on the CAC.

January 2018
I was named an STC Fellow!

December 2016
I petitioned to appear on the ballot for Director at Large in the upcoming STC election. I’m grateful to those who signed my petition, though ultimately it wasn’t enough to get me on the ballot.

September 2016: Updated website links.

March 2016
I presented at the 2016 STC New England InterChange conference: “Embedded User Assistance: Third Rail or Third Way?

January 2016
I joined the STC Community Affairs Committee, managing leadership webinars

July 2015
Updated website links.

June 2015
After retooling, the STC certification program restarted. The CPTC credential is expanded from two to three levels—Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert. Existing CPTCs become CPTC-Experts.

March 2015
I made two presentations at the 2015 STC New England InterChange conference: “Four Ways Mentoring Strengthens Our Profession” and “To Illustrate or Not to Illustrate.”

February 2015: My reminiscences of the BossTunes musical group appeared in the “After Hours” column of STC’s Intercom magazine.

January 7, 2015: I agreed to join the STC New England administrative council to fill the remaining term of a departing council member. I also became associate editor of the chapter news website.

September 2014
As a result of my proposal, the STC New England Chapter started a mentoring program. I was the first administrator.

May 2014
Anna Pratt and I presented at this month’s STC New England program on “Surviving—and Thriving—in an XML World.”

March 2014
I presented at the 2014 STC New England InterChange conference on “Communicating With the Audiences of the Future.”

July 2013
My employer, Tekelec, began doing business as part of Oracle.

May 2013
My term on the Certification Commission ended.

March 2013
I wrote “Certification After Dark,” which appeared in the “After Hours” column of STC’s Intercom magazine.

October 18, 2012
Updated links.

May 2012
I received the STC President’s Award for my work on certification!

October 8, 2011
Certification information and announcements available at the STC website.

July 3, 2011
I became the chairman of the Certification Commission, serving a two-year term.

May 15, 2011
The STC Certification program opened for business!

May 8, 2010
My term on the STC Board ended, and I was appointed chairman of the Certification Committee.

May 2010
My employer, Camiant, began doing business as part of Tekelec.

April 28, 2010
The members spoke! Congratulations to Rachel Houghton, the new STC Secretary.

March 2, 2010
Going to my old blog now redirects to my new one.

January 4, 2010
I announced my candidacy for STC Secretary.

January 17, 2009
I had to restart my blog.

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