Come to the Summit!

The economic downturn has affected us all, and this year’s Annual Summit (May 3-6) may seem like an expense you can live without. But I think that this is the best time in many years to invest in yourself and your career. And like many investment opportunities these days, you can pick it up for a bargain price!

Summit Events

When times are tough, we all worry about our jobs. Why not demonstrate a commitment to your profession and set yourself above the rest? At the Summit you can learn best practices, evaluate the newest tools, and hone new skills. You can choose from over 100 continuing-education sessions in six tracks covering the entire profession.

What if the axe has already fallen? The Summit is still a great resource! Bring your resume to the Employment Booth. Log in to the Career Center. Attend multiple social events to expand your personal network. Get updates on industry trends. Be the first to hear new software announcements and demos. Learn everything you need to stay current in the field.

Either way, you can register for the Summit online at

Room Sharing

This year’s Summit is already affordable. Hotel rates in Atlanta are 20% lower than last year, and discounted room rates have been extended until April 21. Members whose companies are in the Corporate Value Program get an additional group discount.

But you can cut your bill in half again by sharing a room. Members who want to share rooms in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta can match themselves on the STC Forum.

Split-Payment Options

Mindful of the current situation, we’ve made additional resources available. Members in good standing can pay for registration in two installments, half with your registration form and half on site. Spreading the cost over two billing cycles can help if your budget is already stretched thin.

Payments cannot be completed online, so download the Conference Registration Form and pay your first installment by credit card (sorry, no checks). Mail the completed form to the STC office or fax it to +1 (703) 522-2075.


Up to 250 scholarships of $400 are available for members in good standing to attend the Summit. These scholarships may be awarded to members who are currently unemployed or forced to take at least a 10 percent cut in salary. Consultants or those who own their own business may apply if their business revenue is down at least 10 percent. You must stay at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta to take advantage of this benefit. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-awarded basis until April 21 or they are all awarded.

To apply, download the Scholarship Registration Form and complete the section indicating your employment status. Fax the completed form with a credit-card payment to +1 (703) 522-2075, or mail it to the STC office with a check. Scholarship recipients will be notified within 48 hours.

For more information, go to I look forward to see you in Atlanta!

Published by Steven Jong

I am a retired technical communicator, a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), a former STC board member, and chair of the first STC Certification Commission. I occasionally blog about these and other topics.

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