New Models for Technical Communication

I was very impressed by Ellis Pratt’s presentation at the 2012 STC Summit, “What Should Technical Communicators Do When Products ‘Just Work’?” (If you missed it, and you didn’t purchase Summit@aClick, he’s repeating it as an STC-sponsored webinar on July 10.) He identifies a product trend away from “big and scary and likely to break”Continue reading “New Models for Technical Communication”

STC Summit 2012: The certification perspective

Ever since last year, when we announced that the STC certification program was “open for business,” I have been thinking of this year’s Summit. My goal was to step up to the podium at the opening general session and announce the first Certified Professional Technical Communicators™. It motivated me through a year of committee meetings,Continue reading “STC Summit 2012: The certification perspective”

Certification: Open for business!

STC first discussed certification at the Annual Conference in San Diego—in 1964. We’ve discussed it, on and off, ever since, mainly because many people felt it was impossible to certify technical communicators. Well, thanks to the selfless efforts of a dedicated team that was my privilege to work with, I was pleased to announce atContinue reading “Certification: Open for business!”

Off to the Summit! (And I do mean “off”…)

Tomorrow I leave for the STC Annual Summit in Dallas, Texas and my last meeting as a Director at Large. I am finishing my term and rolling off the Board after Monday’s annual business meeting. It will be a little strange not being tremendously busy at the conference this time. (For the record, the SocietyContinue reading “Off to the Summit! (And I do mean “off”…)”