STC Election 2016: Who I voted for

The 2016 STC election is currently open. If you’re a member, you should have received a link to the election website (send email to if you have not). It’s important to vote! The Society needs your active involvement. You can find out more about the candidates here.

Here’s who I voted for this year.

For Vice President: Alyssa Fox

Alyssa Fox

The choice at the top of the ticket is an important one. Alyssa has Board experience, as Secretary, and she has both a significant professional record and experience with other nonprofit organizations. More important than her experience, though, is that she recognizes the importance of STC evolving and not just continuing to pursue a strategy of trying to hang on to existing members. We can’t just remain on a glide path, we need to reach out and regrow. She recognizes that the certification program is an important step to broadening our appeal.

For Secretary: Kirsty Taylor

Kirsty Taylor

There are two good, experienced candidates for this position, but in this case I agree with Kirsty’s value proposition that we need to look beyond North America for perspective.

In addition to her significant professional experience and stint as a secretary in another nonprofit, Kirsty has been loyally coming to the Annual Conference from Australia for a long time, which seeks to her dedication. In this case I think it’s time for some new blood.

For Director: Liz Herman and Robert Perry

Dr. Liz Herman, PMP, CPTC

Liz has a broad and impressive academic and credentialed background, and she will bring that perspective to the Board. (How can I pass up a CPTC?)

As a long-time STC member, she has  contributed to the Society in many ways, including teaching, presenting at the Summit,  and writing for both Technical Communication and Intercom.

Liz wants to work to make STC not just survive, but thrive. Again, I think that’s the right attitude for a Society director to take.

Robert Perry
Robert Perry

Sometimes you go with new blood, and sometimes you go with experience and a successful track record. Bob is a longtime STC member who has taken on leadership roles in two important chapters, New York Metro and Carolina (where I hear good things about him from my colleagues in Morrisville). Bob is President of the Carolina Chapter, and Carolina is the chapter of the year. (I know how hard that is to achieve!)

Bob is also an instructor at Duke University, and a newly minted Associate Fellow (congrats!).

For Nominating Committee: Rick Lippincott and Becky Todd

Rick Lippincott
Rick Lippincott

It’s important for members of the Nominating Committee to know people. I know Rick personally, and if you’ve been to the Summit you know him too: he’s the guy taking all the photos. He’s an Associate Fellow and a longtime leader and volunteer for the New England Chapter, and he currently serves with me on the Community Affairs Committee. He wrote the Article of the Year for Intercom (“We Explain Things”). He’s energetic, effective, and fun to be around, and I know he’ll do a good job on the NomCom.


Becky Todd
Becky Todd

This is another case of looking to new blood. Becky has been instrumental in establishing meetups for the Washington, DC Chapter, and has increased membership to 140—impressive, and an important new way to attract members.

Published by Steven Jong

I am a retired technical communicator, a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), a former STC board member, and chair of the first STC Certification Commission. I occasionally blog about these and other topics.

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