STC Election 2017: Who I voted for

The annual STC election for members of the Board of Directors is underway. If you’re a member, you should have received a link to the election website (send email to if you have not). We have until 10 March to vote, and it’s important! The Society needs our active involvement. You can find out more about the election slate here.

For what it’s worth, here’s who I voted for this year.

For Vice President: Craig Behr

Formal photo of Craig Baehr
Craig Baehr

Craig, a 25-year practitioner, an academic, a current Director, and an Associate Fellow, has made important contributions to the certification program and the Body of Knowledge, two of the Society’s most important initiatives. He has been published in both Technical Communication and Intercom. His recognition of the importance of volunteers and mentors resonates with me.

For Treasurer: Tim Esposito

Formal photo of Tim Esposito
Tim Esposito

Tim, an Associate Fellow, is on the Society’s budget review committee. He has extensive experience as president of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter (PMC) and past treasurer. He has also helped organize regional conferences. I’ve worked with him for the last year as part of the Community Affairs Committee (CAC) and found him energetic, responsive, and committed.

For Director: Ramesh Aiyyangar and Jessie Mallory

Headshot of Ramesh Aiyyangar
Ramesh Aiyyangar

If a board is made up of people with similar backgrounds and experiences, they can find it difficult to consider other viewpoints. Fortunately, this year three excellent and varied candidates can help avoid this problem. Ramesh is a long-time technical communicator, a past president and active member of the India Chapter, an Associate Fellow, and a member of the CAC. He recognizes the importance of a growth strategy for STC and expanding both our reach and our perspective. Ramesh ran a gallant petition campaign last year, and his dedication and perserverence earned my vote this year.

Formal headshot of Jessie Mallory
Jessie Mallory

Jessie has been very active in a relatively short time. She’s already served as president of PMC, and now coordinates social media for the BOK committee.  She recognizes the importance of student members and young practitioners, and I agree with her approach of directly asking us how to make the Society better. I think  she will bring invigorating youth and energy.

For Nominating Committee: Larry Kunz and Grant Hogarth

Candid photo of Larry Kunz
Larry Kunz

I’ve known Larry for many years. More to the point, a lot of people know Larry, and he in turn knows a lot of people. This is an ideal attribute for a member of the Nominating Committee. Larry is an active and influential blogger with an excellent grasp of the state of the profession and the Society. He is a Fellow and a President’s Award winner. I admire his energy and dedication at the chapter and Society level.

Candid headshot of Grant Hogarth
Grant Hogarth

Between two other worthy candidates, I made my second choice on the basis of geographic diversity. Grant has over 25 years of professional experience, has served the Society as a chapter president and ITPC judge, and is active in other nonprofit organizations.

Published by Steven Jong

I am a retired technical communicator, a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), a former STC board member, and chair of the first STC Certification Commission. I occasionally blog about these and other topics.

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