Certification: Open for business!

STC first discussed certification at the Annual Conference in San Diego—in 1964. We’ve discussed it, on and off, ever since, mainly because many people felt it was impossible to certify technical communicators. Well, thanks to the selfless efforts of a dedicated team that was my privilege to work with, I was pleased to announce atContinue reading “Certification: Open for business!”

I interview Buck Chaffee about certification

On November 7 I sat down with Clarence “Buck” Chaffee to discuss work on the STC certification program. The interview was recorded and posted to the STC Notebook blog on STC.org. You can watch it here: Video: Steven Jong and Buck Chaffee Talk About STC’s Certification Process (Behind the scenes: We thought there would beContinue reading “I interview Buck Chaffee about certification”

Marketable skills

I’m a sucker for headlines with numbers in them—you know, like “Five Reasons the iPad will Take Over the World” or ‘The 10 Phoniest Movie Monsters of All Time.” So I read with interest “Seven Marketable Skills that Most Technical Writers Have,” by Laura Spencer, on the blog ihearttechnicalwriting.com. To summarize, her list is: InterviewContinue reading “Marketable skills”

A new source for STC certification news

STC is beta-testing a new community networking site, MySTC.STC.org. The Certification Committee is participating in the beta test, and we have started a group there. So far, so good… It has blogs, forums (which I think can be opened up to the world), and a listserv we will use for committee correspondence. We hope theContinue reading “A new source for STC certification news”