Update on Certification

I haven’t been able to say anything about certification for quite a while now, but there’s news from STC. From president Kit Brown-Hoekstra’s mid-term status report, in the February 2015 Intercom magazine: For the past year and a half, we have been working to restructure certification to improve scalability and ensure its financial stability. WeContinue reading “Update on Certification”

The Evidence of Things Seen and Unseen

Our first home was unfinished. (It was the only way we could afford one at the time.) We finished the second floor ourselves, and we learned how to build it along the way, so it wasn’t of the highest quality. The house itself wasn’t framed perfectly plumb or square to start with, but houses neverContinue reading “The Evidence of Things Seen and Unseen”

STC Summit 2012: The certification perspective

Ever since last year, when we announced that the STC certification program was “open for business,” I have been thinking of this year’s Summit. My goal was to step up to the podium at the opening general session and announce the first Certified Professional Technical Communicators™. It motivated me through a year of committee meetings,Continue reading “STC Summit 2012: The certification perspective”