Are the rules of good art the same as the rules of good writing?

I’m a lousy artist, but I know a good illustration when I see one. For example, take this illustration, which appears on page 50 of Hat in the Ring, by Bert Frandsen (2003: Smithsonian Books). The drawing is by Charles Frandsen Architects, PC. Though I have no idea who actually drew it or what (ifContinue reading “Are the rules of good art the same as the rules of good writing?”

Social media meets technical writing: two stories

It’s been a deeply snowy winter in Massachusetts, with many roofs collapsing under the strain. Our snowblower, a powerful but flimsy model by a manufacturer that shall remain nameless, stopped moving, so we bought a new drive belt, and one Saturday I tackled the replacement job. I followed the owner’s manual carefully, up to theContinue reading “Social media meets technical writing: two stories”

Learning experiences and learning styles

[Edited 2/5/11] This recent article on fonts by Laura Miller on caught my eye: Hideous fonts may boost reading comprehension On the subject of fonts (or, typefaces, to use the more technically accurate term), feelings often run high. People have their favorites, for reasons both practical and sentimental. The story of how Helvetica becameContinue reading “Learning experiences and learning styles”

Marketable skills

I’m a sucker for headlines with numbers in them—you know, like “Five Reasons the iPad will Take Over the World” or ‘The 10 Phoniest Movie Monsters of All Time.” So I read with interest “Seven Marketable Skills that Most Technical Writers Have,” by Laura Spencer, on the blog To summarize, her list is: InterviewContinue reading “Marketable skills”