Another FAQ on STC’s Financial Situation

Q: How will chapters operate if we no longer have funds to rely on in the future? A: You are keeping 15 months of revenue, so we’re leaving you in better shape than the Society itself! But anyway, we are committed to ensuring that the chapters do have funds for the future: We plan toContinue reading “Another FAQ on STC’s Financial Situation”

FAQ on STC’s financial problems

STC is using surplus chapter funds to make up for 2009 losses. Here’s a question that’s come up several times: Q: Next year there will be no more chapter funds to draw upon. What is your plan going forward (2010) to ensure that this kind of financial crisis doesn’t happen again? A: The economic meltdownContinue reading “FAQ on STC’s financial problems”

The Summer of Embargoed Opinions

This summer has been busy and stressful for me as an STC director at large. Since the Summit in May we’ve averaged a conference call every two weeks as we’ve dealt with the Society’s budget shortfall. During this period we’ve hear from members through email, the STC Forum (since shut down), the TECHWR-L list, theContinue reading “The Summer of Embargoed Opinions”

The Best Technical Document in the World

This past weekend I served as a consensus judge at STC’s International Technical Publications Competition (ITPC). I’ve participated before, as a telephone (remote) judge, on-site judge, and Best-of-Show judge. This year STC conducted an experiment in cost cutting. The Boston and Northern New England chapters, which (if I do say so myself as a member and localContinue reading “The Best Technical Document in the World”