Steve’s upcoming speaking engagements

[Updated 2010-08-25] So far I’ve talked about certification at the New York metro chapter, in June. I have a few more engagements lined up, some in person and some virtual: On Thursday evening, August 19 I will be speaking at the Carolina chapter in Morrisville, North Carolina on certification. This trip and the meeting venueContinue reading “Steve’s upcoming speaking engagements”

California Tech Writers win overtime settlement, and why it may be bad news

In 2006, a technical writer filed a wage and hour lawsuit against Sun Microsystems, alleging that the company violated California labor law by not paying overtime. Well, a judge has given preliminary approval to a $5 million settlement in the case, which grew to a class action with 152 plaintiffs. I have mixed feelings aboutContinue reading “California Tech Writers win overtime settlement, and why it may be bad news”

Like we’ve been saying all along…

SMEs will sometimes tell you that the information is the only thing that matters; spell checking and copyediting are unnecessary frills. Not that we had any doubts about this, but I recently stumbled across a study done at Clemson University that demonstrates that correct information is regarded as less authoritative if poorly written:

At long last: certification!

As you’ve heard by now, at the STC Summit on April 30 the Board of Directors approved a business plan to begin a certification program for technical communicators. While this was the culmination of my three years as chairman of the Certification Task Force, it also represented the completion of a task that was firstContinue reading “At long last: certification!”